Born on the 4th of July

As in this post was born on the 4th of July. Nothing more than that. Just a dumb title to a silly link post for the holiday. I actually had a chance to read through and have thoughts on some of these articles, there’s that as well. Enjoy. Table of Contents Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning The Five Stages Of AI Grief - NOEMA RouteLLM: An Open-Source Framework for Cost-Effective LLM Routing | LMSYS Org AI Patterns – tecosystems Development and Programming Meet Verba 1. [Read More]

Lucky To Make It Once A Month

Wow. So it’s be another long while, since I got around to creating another post. This one is another link list, based what has caught my eye over the last month. Can’t say I have read them all, but good list to come back to as time permits. Something I did decide to do based on having all of these articles, was to create a python script that would interact with the Omnivore API (the application I use to grab links and content I want to read later) to grab all the articles I have saved and send all of those to openAI to create a summary and suggest some tags. [Read More]

It's Deep Learning All The Way Down

It’s weekend number two of the Deep Learning Specialization with the Purdue University Post Graduate Program in AI and Machine Learning program that I have been participating since January. This is the seventh and section of the program which won’t wrap up until mid-July with only the Capstone Project left to complete to finish out the program. This week-end was all about Object Detection, Selective Search, Sequential Modeling, Recurrent Neural Networks, Word Embedding, Long Short-Term Memory and Hybrid Modeling. [Read More]

It's Been A While

Welp seems like I failed at actually maintaining this site once I stood it up at the end of the year last year. I did manage to move my resume details into the About Section of this site and retire the resume site that I originally stood up as part of participating in the Cloud Resume Challenge. Outside of that update things have been totally stagnate here. I have decided to at least start capturing the articles I have come across that have interested me and any thoughts that come to mind reflecting on the content of the articles. [Read More]
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Adventures in Hugo-land

Or How to Spend Your Holiday Break Learning About Hugo and Deploying Your First Site

Are you bored of the same old Christmas traditions? Do you want to spice up your holiday season with some geeky fun? If so, you might want to try learning about Hugo and creating and deploying your first Hugo site to GitHub Pages! In this blog post, I will show you how to set up Hugo on your computer, create a new site, add some content, and deploy it to GitHub Pages. [Read More]