It's Deep Learning All The Way Down

It’s weekend number two of the Deep Learning Specialization with the Purdue University Post Graduate Program in AI and Machine Learning program that I have been participating since January. This is the seventh and section of the program which won’t wrap up until mid-July with only the Capstone Project left to complete to finish out the program. This week-end was all about Object Detection, Selective Search, Sequential Modeling, Recurrent Neural Networks, Word Embedding, Long Short-Term Memory and Hybrid Modeling.

It’s all a bit like drinking from a firehose, as far as, all the information that is getting through at me, but learning and understanding more about the inter-workings of deep learning neural networks is why I wanted to enroll in this program. I say all that because my article list this time around is very much heavy on the AI/ML/DL topics.


Word Embedding

Deep Learning


Prompt Engineering

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