It's Deep Learning All The Way Down

It’s weekend number two of the Deep Learning Specialization with the Purdue University Post Graduate Program in AI and Machine Learning program that I have been participating since January. This is the seventh and section of the program which won’t wrap up until mid-July with only the Capstone Project left to complete to finish out the program. This week-end was all about Object Detection, Selective Search, Sequential Modeling, Recurrent Neural Networks, Word Embedding, Long Short-Term Memory and Hybrid Modeling. [Read More]

It's Been A While

Welp seems like I failed at actually maintaining this site once I stood it up at the end of the year last year. I did manage to move my resume details into the About Section of this site and retire the resume site that I originally stood up as part of participating in the Cloud Resume Challenge. Outside of that update things have been totally stagnate here. I have decided to at least start capturing the articles I have come across that have interested me and any thoughts that come to mind reflecting on the content of the articles. [Read More]
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